October 1-3, 2018 — ,
2018 Edition

SLICE in a few words

3 days of full interactivity and exchange

SLICE will use the latest interactive technology to ensure a very high level of exchange between the audience and the expert panel, using your phone you will be able to ask any question during the recorded cases and start a debate on a specific point. In addition, to understand audience opinion live surveys will be created by by the board members when a clinical decision during one of the cases appears challenging.
Major literature review

SLICE offers the opportunity to learn in a very synthetic manner about the latest data from the literature, presented by a Faculty member through a didactic and pedagogic presentation of 35 min.
Cutting Edge Topic

In order to understand tomorrow’s practice today, SLICE will offer the possibility for leading fundamental research teams in the field of brain ischemia to present their latest unpublished developments to our community.



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